Macro Makeup with Lucky Recap

June 12, 2013

On June 5th we held our first workshop. Makeup artist, Lucky Bromhead and photographer Wade Hudson gave ten students an in depth look at Macro Makeup. Everything from products and technique to models and retouching were covered for our small ten person class. The workshop was fun, inspiring and an interesting look at a very specific technique from the perspective of not only the makeup artist but the photographer. It was so much fun getting to know the students and develop a stronger relationship with the community of makeup artists that pass through the shop each day. If you missed it, don't worry - I've highlighted three points from the workshop so you can still have a taste of what Wade and Lucky were discussing. And later this month we'll be releasing the upcoming workshops for the remainder of the year. So without further aduei... here are three tips to help you perfect macro beauty makeup. macro beauty   blue lipstick   1. The point of macro beauty is to see things closer than they are generally viewed. So the texture of the skin and the makeup that sits on it must always be considered. For this reason, Lucky keeps two things handy when shooting macro - a  blending sponge and Nair. A blending sponge will mimic the texture of skin when applying foundation where as the bristles of a foundation brush can leave streaks visible to a macro lense. And Nair? That's for the peach fuzz of course! Up close, all those tiny hairs are more than visible so be prepared to have to shave or use a depilatory cream on the face.   makeup workshop toronto   2. Using the right model is make it or break it for macro beauty shoots. The symmetry in their nose to the shape of their eyes and lips; everything will be viewed so close up that you need to consider their features in isolation. And then there is that peach fuzz thing again... choose models with little to no facial hair or those who are comfortable removing what they  have. A smooth surface is key!  


  3. From Wade's point of view, he is always looking at skin when considering a makeup artist. While a great makeup artist makes his job easier, most skin will still need finessing in photoshop. he wants to work with someone who is keeping the skin looking like skin.

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