Learning From Photographers and Assisting for Makeup Artists

July 18, 2013

We get a lot of requests from new artists on how to break into the work force of makeup artists. It’s tough being new. Everyone tells you how important assisting is, but anyone who is trying to assist will also tell you, those jobs aren’t easy to come by. When you do get them, the challenge is that you don’t have time to ask all the questions you’ve been saving up. You’re there to work. To clean brushes, baby sit hair or quietly observe. A senior artist needs to feel confident that you’ll assist them in doing their job, not distract them. It’s the struggle of the new artist, desperate to assist, that is at the forefront of our mind as we continue to develop education and workshops at the store. The value of our workshops go beyond the artist’s teaching it. We want to provide newer artists with a better look at what goes on behind the scenes; replicating the experience of assisting a senior artist. But with the bonus of being able to hear real time feedback on your work and ask every question you’ve ever had.   Hair Styling Workshop Toronto   For our upcoming Editorial Hair Workshop with Andrea Claire at the end of the month, we knew we had to continue the ‘behind the scenes’ feel of our classes. So we invited Toronto fashion photographer, Richard Dubois to join us. As Andrea works her way through the hair lesson, Richard will be on hand to provide students with all the answers to questions they’ve never been able to ask a photographer on set. Shooting tethered to our large, flat screen television, students will learn about lighting for hair focused editorials, and the process of retouching.   Toronto Fashion Photographer   If you want to see more of Richard’s work, visit his photography website. And if you’re convinced, book your seat now! We only have a few more spots left.

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