In Beauty at Blur Makeup Room in Toronto

April 08, 2013

I would classify myself as a die hard In Beauty fan.

After discovering the magazine by chance in 2009 while browsing a magazine shop, I haven’t missed one of their twice yearly issues since.

If you’ve never picked up an issue, here’s the skinny. In Beauty is part of a collection of ‘zines called IN TREND. After the spring/summer and fall/winter collections hit the runways, they comb through every major show and bring you the details on Their fall/winter issue also features the couture shows.

Along with makeup artists around the city, I stalk my local news agent in the winter and spring, eagerly awaiting their recap of all beauty looks from London, Paris, Milan and NYC ‘s fashion week. The price is steep for what some see as a magazine, but for me, it’s a bible, worth it’s weight in gold.

We are so excited to be able to offer you these issues twice a year, as soon as they come out. And the good news (and this is major!) – pro’s get to use their 20% discount towards the purchase of the magazine.

While I may have been collecting for a few years now, I missed the first three issues (late to the party like normal!). And while the high cost may not deter me from picking them up each season, the thought of tacking shipping onto back orders definitely stopped me from rounding out my collection. But Blur has fixed that as well!

When the order goes out for the fall/winter 2013 issue (released this spring!), we’ll also be taking orders for any back issues that anyone wishes to purchase.

Drop by the store where we’ll have all the back orders on display and you can flip through them before placing your order. And we’ll always have the current issue available for purchase.

I’m way too excited to get my hands on the f/w ’09 issue! Which one are you desperate to own?!

Order your In Beauty Magazine here:

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