BlondMe Instant Blush

BlondMe Instant Blush is a fast, creative and convenient way to get the pastel look without the commitment of permanent or semi–permanent hair color.

The spray-on pastel shades magic up highlights in ice, jade green, strawberry or steel blue into blonde hair, and the best bit? The Instant Blushes stay in for up to three washes allowing clients to play with colour without a long-term commitment. The playful BLONDME Instant Blushes also contain Kera vitamin complex to nourish all the way down to the tips, for shiny, healthy-looking hair.

The Instant Blushes are also suitable for use at home: Just spray Instant Blush onto the hair from roots to tips and keep applying it until the desired intensity is achieved. Comb the hair thoroughly to spread the spray through the hair, and then blow-dry.

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