Metallic - REEL Creations Body Art & Airbrush Inks

REEL BODY ART & AIRBRUSH INKS-METALLIC are a later addition to our line of REEL Body Art Inks. These are metallics with no metals in the product. REEL Body Art Inks METALLIC can be used in the same ways that our regular REEL Body Art Inks are used. You can paint, stipple, air brush or who knows what other rendering method you can think of. Because of the easy flowing through the airbrush these inks have become very popular for fantasy make up and hair or for hair highlights.  They can be easily mixed with REEL Body Art Inks and may be added to them in small quantities for more sheen.  REEL Body Art Inks METALLIC come in 24 different shades including golds, silvers, coppers and bronzes and spectrum colors (ie:red, yellow, blue, green, etc.).

*** Larger Sizes Are Available by Special Order ***

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