Building Your Makeup Artist Career - Pro Panelist Sessions

  • Part 1 - April 28, 2014
    Part 1 Full Day $249
    Part 1 AM Only $149
    Part 1 PM Only $149

    Part 2 - March 24, 2014
    Part 2 Full Day $429
    Part 2 AM Only $239
    Part 2 PM Only $239

    Blur Makeup Room is thrilled to be hosting two praiseworthy panels of experienced, local experts, bringing real and direct business and career guidance to the Toronto and GTA makeup artist community.

    Our panelists are setting out to expose everything about a career in makeup artistry that has nothing to do with skill or technique! Two hand-selected groups of industry professionals will discuss an array of topics about business and career advancement, bringing to the table a mixture of unique outlooks, attitudes and experiences to give attendees an incredibly well-rounded and beneficial perspective.

    This is an unprecedented opportunity for growing artists of all levels to learn how to navigate through some of the toughest stuff that comes up throughout a career in makeup artistry. Clarify what opportunities you can create and how to make them happen to your benefit. Prepare for what challenges you will often face, and learn how to manage and overcome them. Most of all, understand business and professional standards and practices according those who set them, and learn how to better yourself and your business.

    Divided into two days, attendees at various stages in their careers are given the rare occasion to ask questions and hear opinions and facts from some of the industry’s most respected professionals.

  • Part 1 Syllabus
    Geared toward bringing your business and career to a more professional, more functional and more profitable level, Day 1 is designed for artists feeling the need to better themselves and their businesses. Day 1 is also ideal for students, beginner artists and junior artists who see the advantage of gaining invaluable insight and knowledge about an industry and career they are about to step into.
    BUSINESS 1: Purpose, Branding, Presence (3 hrs)
    9am - 12pm
    Day 1 morning session will help solidify the building blocks of a successful freelance business, exploring direction, and day to day as well as online promotion.
    Topics for discussion include but are not limited to: finding your niche and your business’ fit in the industry, creating and communicating your brand, promoting your business through content and promotional materials, and presenting your business online via websites and social media.
    CAREER 1 – Professional Navigation & Presence (3 hrs)
    1pm - 4pm
    Day 1 afternoon session will help clarify the details of what goes into running a business smoothly and profitably, and how to effectively build a career and a solid reputation among mentors, peers and clients.
    Topics for discussion include but are not limited to: developing resumes and client lists, developing rates, all about contracts and deal memos for various types of jobs, the art of emails, set etiquette, professional presentation, choosing your teams while building your book, and getting the right exposure.
       Jessica sees herself first as a businesswoman, and second as a makeup artist. This unique and important distinction has allowed her to grow quickly and profitably in an industry that is becoming more and more saturated and discredited by those who conduct their work less than professionally. One of her favourite things is helping others see their value and potential as business people and artists so they can grow, improve and protect the industry that Jessica has loved so much.
       Her career began somewhat unusually as she jumped at an early opportunity to work in Shanghai, China's up and coming fashion scene. With incredibly valuable life and work experience from working abroad, Jessica quickly built a successful freelance career upon returning to Toronto. Working with notable advertising clients and with a strong editorial portfolio, her work has been published in magazines around the world. Another key component to Jessica's continued success has been her rapidly expanding wedding business that includes not only herself, but also a team of makeup and hair artists that work alongside her.
       For more information about Jessica, visit
       “I don’t have a j-o-b, I have a lifestyle and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I'm excited to be a part of this panel because I want to show artists that they can have it all. House, kids if they want, freedom to make their own schedule. Travel if they want. They have the ability to create a great life if they start planning now.”
       Nicole began her career in makeup artistry in 1995. In the years since then, she has spent time not only working on music videos, print advertisements, corporate photo shoots, and in retail sale, but also running her own artist agency, repping photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. Nicole has a notable background in makeup artistry education, working both as a makeup instructor and as an educator for major cosmetic companies.
       Running her wedding business successfully, Nicole has been trusted by brides for over 13 years. Now with a storefront studio, she runs Nicole Richards & Co., an artist’s agency that books hair stylists and makeup artists for brides and special events.
       For more information about Nicole, visit
      With over 10 years of experience growing her freelance career, Jem prides herself in being equally strong in her artistry and her business ownership. With straight straightforward insight on both aspects, she is looking forward to sharing how she has overcome her own challenges in makeup artistry to achieve success. Her personal experience has motivated her quest help elevate the standards in the skill, art and business of makeup artistry.
       Not only has Jem built her career working with brides and private clients, she has worked with a number of prominent commercial and advertising clients, seen her beauty and editorial work in a multitude of publications, and worked on various film, television, and video sets. Jem has come to specialize in makeup for different ethnicities and persons of colour.
        Her incredible desire and drive to help create mentorship opportunities within the Toronto and GTA makeup artist community was truly the inspiration for these panelist classes. Participating as a class panelist is yet another way for Jem to support all growing artists in teaching, learning from and promoting one another, and to help communicate and instill the value of each and every makeup artist.
       For more information about Jem, visit


  • Part 2 Syllabus
    Focusing on bringing existing practices and careers to a higher level, Day 2 is designed for artists who have established a functional business and would like to improve their abilities to manage and maneuver through challenging aspects of their careers. Day 2 is an ideal setting for artists who are in the process of substantiating their reputations and credibility in the industry, or are looking to take the steps to do so.
    Though Day 2 is directed toward experienced and intermediate artists who are more advanced in their careers, students, beginner artists and junior artists will undoubtedly benefit from participating in these sessions as well, truly gaining a large advantage among their peers.
    BUSINESS 2: Overcoming challenges (3 hrs)
    Monday, March 24th, 2014 : 9am - 12pm
    Day 2 morning session is designed to bring to light the tricky, tough and taboo topics that professional artists often encounter but that tend to be neglected, under discussed left in the dark.
    Topics for discussion include but are not limited to: everything about your rates and the industry standards, handling cancellations and surprises on and off set, enforcing terms and conditions, and taxes and red tape.
    CAREER 2 – Expanding Opportunities (3 hrs)
    Monday, March 24th, 2014 : 1pm - 4pm
    The afternoon session will provide guidance and insight on the details and processes of career development and direction for rising artists in the industry.
    Topics for discussion include but are not limited to: networking dos and don’ts, portfolios and comp cards, all about agencies, working without an agency, assisting other artists, seeking mentorship/advice/insight, making career level transitions, and navigating business and industry politics.


       Ryan has always been fascinated by the business of beauty.  With over 20 years experience in the fashion business, his career has touched on fashion journalism, styling and production, photography, model management and artist management.  He is now the Agency Director at Page One Management, a boutique artist management company in Canada which manages top tier artists such as Zeina Esmail, Sabrina Rinaldi, Tony Masciangelo and Juliana Schiavinatto.

       Lucky has been painting faces for about 20 years. She was a trainer for MAC Cosmetics for many years before leading the makeup team for TV shows like The Comedy Network's Match Game, Bravo's Elvis Costello's Spectacle! Elvis Costello With... and was the head makeup artist for MTV for many years. Her work has appeared in publications like Chloe Magazine, WedLuxe, Vice, and Verve Girl. You've seen her work on the faces of Zooey Deschanel, Catherine O'Hara, Lauren Conrad, Bono, Cyndi Lauper, Jeff Goldblum, Jeanne Beker, Jared Leto and M.I.A.
    She's currently making stops around the globe as key makeup for Discovery Channel's One Night Stand With Annie Sibonney and is gearing up for a summer stint on a sitcom and another season doing makeup backstage with the Maybelline team for World MasterCard Fashion Week here in Toronto.
    Lucky believes in an and supports an artist's community in our industry. Fellow makeup artists, while certainly our competition, are also our greatest allies and often a freelancer's best source for work. She believes that continuing to build a circle of trust and candor will only benefit our industry and our community, and is excited to share her experience with you.

       A native to Calgary, Jodi always had plans to expand her beauty repertoire in Canada and throughout the world. After training at the Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, Jodi transitioned to Toronto to immerse herself in the city's fashion industry. After over a decade in the city, Jodi has become one of the industry's most sought after makeup and hair artists.

    Jodi's consistently called upon for high profile advertising campaigns for clients consisting of H&M, P&G Beauty, Sport Chek, Reebok and Rogers. Her work has taken her across the globe where she has had the opportunity to work in exotic locations such as Barbados, Bahamas, Miami, Cuba and the Mayan Riviera.

    Her easy going demeanour and down to earth nature is appreciated by her clients, especially many high profile personalities. These include The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Eva Longoria, Julia Louise-Dreyfus, Sandra Oh, Amber Heard, Forest Whittaker, Terrence Howard and Isaac Mizrahi.

    Jodi's editorial work can be seen in some of the industry's top publications, including ELLE Canada, Flare, FASHION, Canadian Living, Toronto Life, Wedding Bells and Chatelaine.

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Building Your Makeup Artist Career - Pro Panelist Sessions

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