Graftobian GlamAire(TM) Airbrush Makeup 1oz (Pre-Order Only)

Graftobian has worked closely with Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look and his peers to create this Water based, silicone FREE, AirBrush makeup range of shades in a special formulation that yields durable coverage, comfort and color while also offering an alcohol free product. The actors on which Brad has used Graftobian Makeup have been impressed with the pleasing feel of the product. The camera personnel as well as the viewers are delighted with the natural, non-glossy look of the product. Whether you are using AirBrush Makeup for the nightly news anchor; the leading lady in a drama; big time film productions or just your own daily wear makeup, Graftobian GlamAire AirBrush Make-up will outperform and be more cost effective than whatever else you have tried.

Each shade of the GlamAire airbrush makeup is also available in our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes. (See link at bottom of page) This brainchild of Brad Look's allows artists to use both media on the same face when necessary without having to try to match shades manually. (Incidentally, we use this same cross platform idea with our combination of our alcohol based F/X Aire airbrush makeup and our Rubber Mask Grease shades.)

Shades are separated into [W] Warm, [C] Cool, & [N] Neutral classifications for your convenience. (Thanks to Suzanne Patterson) The color chart generally flows from lightest to darkest within each classification.

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