Jao Winter Rescue Pak

Flu season! Chapped lips! Cracked cuticles!

All banished when you give the ones you love the gift of a Winter Rescue Pak. Other than a trip to the Caribbean, this useful gift is guaranteed to win you love all season long.


Pak includes: 

Coiffette™ A perfect pocket sized tin with a balm to tame, style and moisturize. For use on cuticles, hands and hair.

Jao Refresher™ - Keep this handy during the flu season. A 2oz bottle of aromatherapy boost, facial astringent, hand softener, zit zapper and gym germ stomper. Your portable sink™

Lipjao™ - Need we say more? Apply often to soften lucky lips. 100% natural lip balm/salve with 34% Shea Butter.

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Jao Winter Rescue Pak

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