TML Studio Kit (Pre-Order)

The Ultimate in makeup lighting by The Makeup Light.

The combination of a Portable Vanity and Two Key Lights is better than any makeup room or trailer you have ever worked in.

With The Studio Kit, the Vanity gives you the direct fill you need from a ring of light surrounding a flawless mirror. Two side mirrors on adjustable doors allow many angles to be viewed without having to move your client (or yourself) very much.

Now, adding two Key Lights mounted upon the tops of the adjustable doors increases the amount of light and gives you wrap-around lighting that is easily adjustable. Versatility is the name of the game!

Light emitted from the vanity and key lights is matched in “crispness” and “daylight” color-temperature balance. The brightness of each light remains individually adjustable allowing each artist to adapt to the situation with just the right amount of light. For example, prosthetics artists will see critical detail from the side-lighting, and hair stylists will benefit from a high mounting position of the key lights.

The Studio Kit is the core of your new beauty studio… or a sleek new addition to your existing studio space.

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