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Thomas Surprenant Special FX Workshops

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FX makeup artist superstar, Thomas Surprenant is partnering with Blur for demo’s at IMATS and workshops the week after.

With a resume that reads like the best of fx films, this powerhouse is not just a makeup artist but also created an incredible line of special fx products. From Donnie Darko to X-Men to Star Trek, Thomas is behind some of the most incredible special fx work in film and will be in Toronto to share his knowledge with the cities artists.

There are four classes available on multiple days. All classes will be held downtown at 313 Queen St. West (the first floor, underneath Blur).

When signing up for 1 class, use the code SFXPACK1 at check out to ensure your name is registered on the class list.
When signing up for 2 classes, use the code SFXPACK2 at check out and receive 5% off both classes.
When signing up for 3 classes, use the code SFXPACK3 at check out and receive 10% off all 3 classes.
When signing up for all 4 classes, use the code SFXPACK4 at check out and receive 15% off all 4 classes.

1. Colour Theory and the Science of Colour - 4hrs
Wednesday November 13th 9am - 1pm OR
Sunday November 17th 2pm - 6pm

From foundation matching to creating dynamic shadow palettes, the art of makeup is built on the knowledge of colour. This workshop dissects the science of colour through the understanding of the colour spectrum, pigment and advanced colour mixing.

Examining how we perceive colour through light refraction, this four hour class is essential for artists at any stage in their career working in film, television, fashion, commercial or bridal work.

** Students will be provided with cream colours, mixing palettes and a spatula.

2. Covering Tattoo’s - 4hrs
Wednesday November 13th 1pm - 5pm OR
Sunday November 17th 2pm - 6pm

As tattoo’s become increasingly common among the general population, so to does the need for makeup artists to cover them. This course will focus on long lasting and effective coverage for both film and television and bridal.

** Students will work hands on, along side Thom while practicing on in-class models to cover their tattoos.

3. Out of Kit Character FX - 8hrs
Thursday November 14th, 9am - 6pm OR
Monday November 18th 9am - 6pm


A basic FX course with tips and tricks on how to pull off effective causality makeup, focusing on products that are a must have and the dual uses of what you may already have.

Learn to recreate accurate medical and forensic FX makeups for film, television and events while working hands on alongside class mates.

** Students will be provided with reel creations palettes, sponges and cream colours. Students should bring their own brushes.

4. Bald Cap Application & Fabrication Class - 16hrs
Friday November 15th AND Saturday November 16th, 9am - 6pm

This master class goes through the intricacies of not just applying a perfect bald cap but how to make one. Students will learn how to create, paint, blend and apply a camera ready bald cap with an occipital piece for movie quality realism.

** Students will receive all items needed to create bald caps but should bring their own FX brushes.