Veil Cosmetics: Sunset Light Serum

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Primer, Serum, Mixing Base is a fluid filter that helps skin achieve the perfecting and smoothing radiance emanated at sunset. Use it to prime complexion to provide makeup longevity, to instantly diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines, to hydrate, plump, and brighten skin. Mix it with our very own Complexion Fix, or your favorite foundation to create the ideal glide and pigment spread.

PRIMER: Unique water based formula, use it to prime complexion to provide makeup longevity and glow, to instantly hydrate, plump, and brighten skin, and to smooth out the appearance of pores and fine lines.

SERUM: Serum strength ingredient actives include,

» Brighten: White Water Lily Extract
» Defend: Anti-aging Peptides and Ubiquinone
» Plump and Soothe: Cinnamon Bark Extract
» Hydrate: Sodium Hyaluronate

MIXING BASE: Mix a small amount into Veil Complexion Fix to create your own BB Cream, into your favorite concealer and/or foundation to create a perfecting glide and pigment spread, and to immediately smooth and refine liquid/cream based makeup like bronzer and blush.

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