Love Affair with London Brush Company.

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It’s IMATS 2014, and we’re nearing the end of day 2. I’m on my 48th hour without a single hour of sleep (not even exaggerating) and I may or may not be on the verge of bursting into tears! It’s half out of the sheer maddening exhaustion that comes from working these kinds of shows on that kind of sleep, and half out of the simultaneous satisfaction that came from Blur’s swinging success during our second year at the Toronto

Enter Siân Richards, major makeup maven and owner of London Brush Company. This ball of burning energy bounces right up to ME, and it’s not even what she says that blows me away, it’s the way her conviction, excitement and belief are exploding like firecrackers right in front of my face! It’s quite obviously her pride and joy – it is, after all, her own product.
IMATS is always crawling with brands trying to share and promote their hot new thing with other vendors. Blur, being one of Toronto’s newest and most buzzworthy outlets, is evidently at the top of the list for these pro- and enthusiast-geared products. We tend to help brands wiggle their way into our professional market, whether in Toronto and the GTA, or the rest of Canada. Needless to say, we met our fair share of new friends.
Anyway, in my borderline insanity at that particular moment, I made the mistake of not really trying to talk with this goddess of incredibly-crafted, top-of-the-line artistry tools. I passed her off to chat with Liz, the head honcho Blur Babe, aka store owner, and went on with my life to later learn a big lesson: ALWAYS listen and ALWAYS show interest!!!
Had I known then what I do now about Siân and her line, I know I would have had a majorly embarrassing #fangirl moment. Sooo… maybe things worked out for the best? The heavens may just have prevented me from bursting into a torrent of ultra-tired and teary-eyed compliments.
Siân’s approach is the definition of the old school. It’s the essential component to standing the test of time and trends. It’s what will hold together and survive the quality and integrity of the truly professional artist’s industry – from our arsenals, to how we utilize them, to the career they lured us into.
Siân Richards, if you’re reading this… Huge respect. You speak to my artist’s soul.
“You mustn’t be looking at makeup. You mustn’t be looking at how they look. 
You’ve just got to be accepting of who they are and what they’re doing.” – Siân Richards
The way this this lady speaks about what we do makes me feel down to earth and dreamy all at the same time – which are both incredibly important to keep you going strong in the business of makeup artistry. If you want to really see how these manage to go hand in hand, you have to pay a visit to Siân and her London Brush Company on YouTube.
More specifically, I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out in this video for some seriously professional makeupspiration, particularly when it comes to the timeless beauty that graces some of the finest faces of the red carpet, and the out of kit and special effects aesthetic I personally was taught to appreciate. (And of course for a look at a really strange version of Bill Nye that will blow your mind a bit.)
I actually asked to write this post, just so I could share with the world all the reasons I’m falling absolutely head over heels in love with the London Brush Company. Here’s why I think you will too, if this all speaks to you the same way it does to me.
“Siân wanted to give the best quality possible that she could to enable people to once again hold works of art in their hands as they create works of art on their faces, or faces of their clients.” – London Brush Company
Functional Facts
- Brushes are made in small batches by experienced master craftsmen and women in the USA and the UK, bringing back the quality that has been lost over time due to mass manufacturing and other money-saving shortcuts and solutions.
- Each brush has been mindfully designed to have the perfect snap and density for its individual purpose, and to balance perfectly in the artist’s hands.
- The Classic Collection is made with Premium Grade, European, Unblended hair from Sable, Blue Squirrel, and Pine squirrel, creating the highest quality natural makeup brushes that are super soft and will stay that way for good.
- The NouVeau Collection is made with Man-Made, Premium Grade, Simulated Hair that mimics Mongoose, Blue Squirrel, and Brown Squirrel. This gives us unbelievably soft makeup brushes that are literally made from top-quality faux fur.
Feel-Good Factor
- European standards and regulations are enforced in with the strictest standards, requiring gentle and humane treatment of the animals contributing to the brushes, and therefore resulting in cruelty-free, natural hair options.
LBC recognizes that the hair in our brushes are just that – hair! Hair must be cared for gently and respectfully, and the hair on our brushes especially must be cared for even more gently than our own, because it cannot grow back!
Functional Facts
- All of the food-grade shampoo ingredients, and even the creation processes, are chemical-free, keeping hair, ferrule, glue and handle paint from becoming dry and brittle, and in-turn keeping them from eventually cracking, breaking and shedding.
- Both shampoos will completely clean and recondition your brushes, very quickly and very easily.
- Each shampoo contains just 5 ingredients: natural oils and extracts, and either Goat Milk or Young Coconut milk added for their specific benefits.
- Young Coconut Milk Brush Shampoo provides a vegan shampoo option and is designed specifically for clean-rinsing on synthetic/man-made brushes.
- The Goat Milk Brush Shampoo will whiten stains from your light-haired brushes, and will safely and totally remove some REALLY TOUGH STUFF – we’re talking Pros-Aide (yes, seriously) and caked-on, dried-up, alcohol-based/activated products like our Reel Creations palettes and the popular alternative Illustrator Palettes. (Yes. SERIOUSLY. We tested this.)
Feel-Good Factor
- The lady who hand-pours these soaps in California also raises her own goats – the same ones who supply the milk for the soaps.
To experience the London Brush Company for yourself, come check it out at Blur. For more in-depth info on what they create, click over to their website.
As an artist, Siân Richards clearly values the diversity and challenge that comes from working in every media of our métier. Her work is refined to the smallest detail. As a creator, she puts in the same quality, variety and detail into her tools and products as she does into her work.
The London Brush Company is an obvious extension of the woman who gave it life.
By Blur Babe Cheri Chung

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Building Your Makeup Artist Career – Pro Panelist Sessions

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Blur Makeup Room is thrilled to be hosting two praiseworthy panels of experienced, local experts, bringing real and direct business and career guidance to the Toronto and GTA makeup artist community.

Our panelists are setting out to expose everything about a career in makeup artistry that has nothing to do with skill or technique! Two hand-selected groups of industry professionals will discuss an array of topics about business and career advancement, bringing to the table a mixture of unique outlooks, attitudes and experiences to give attendees an incredibly well-rounded and beneficial perspective.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for growing artists of all levels to learn how to navigate through some of the toughest stuff that comes up throughout a career in makeup artistry. Clarify what opportunities you can create and how to make them happen to your benefit. Prepare for what challenges you will often face, and learn how to manage and overcome them. Most of all, understand business and professional standards and practices according those who set them, and learn how to better yourself and your business.

Divided into two days, (March 24th and April 28th) attendees at various stages in their careers are given the rare occasion to ask questions and hear opinions and facts from some of the industry’s most respected professionals, such as Lucky Bromhead, Jodi Urichuk, and Ryan Greenwood (March 24th), Nicole Richards, Jem Lopez, and Jessica Myers (April 28th). Tickets can be purchased for AM and PM half days as well as full days.

March 24th: Full day: $429. Half day: $239.

April 28th: Full day: $249. Half day: $149.

Tickets can be purchased in store at 313 Queen Street West or online at! We also offer a discount of 20% on groups of 5 or more that purchase together. This is a fantastic opportunity, get your tickets before they sell out!!

Discount promotion

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Deep lips. The right shade for your features.

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Since the Grammy’s 2014 dropped it has been apparent that deep and dark lips are in full swing. Did you see Lorde’s Burgundy lip?? Super hot. I personally love a dark lip BUT you can make or break this look super easily, there are four undertones when it comes to burgundy: pink, brown, blue, and red and if you don’t pick the proper hue it can mix the wrong way with your features.

If you’re one of those lucky people with gorgeous blue, grey or light green eyes a burgundy lipstick with a pink base is perfect for you. Yaby cosmetics has gorgeous lipsticks. They are smooth, come in a variety of gorgeous colors, and are super easy to mix. LC044 is a great example of a pink based burgundy. The pink undertones will make your eyes pop. As you can see below the color is GORGEOUS.

Yaby lc044

Now for you dark eyed beauties the most beneficial for you is to stick with brown undertone burgundy shades, regularly seen on celebrities such as Leighton Meester and Camilla Belle who as we all know are both stunners. LC025 by Yaby is gorgeous on it’s own or used on top of another shade.  The nice thing about the Yaby lipsticks is that they are incredibly workable and have some of the same qualities of a lip stain. Which is perfect for a lip that you don’t want moving on you.

Yaby lc025

Blue based burgundy’s are a great choice for everyone! The base isn’t to light or to dark so it works for all eye hues, Face Atelier makes a fantastic shade called “Red Fuschia” It is beautifullllllll ! I am a sucker for a good red lipstick, so I can’t help but gush over this one.

Face Atelier Red Fuschia

Rihanna is my all time favorite to see rocking a DEEP red burgundy lip. I think its a mix between her gorgeous skin tone as well as her brunette locks. Generally dark burgundy lips look best when your hair is darker, but there isn’t a law against wearing dark lipstick haha so feel free to rock it if you please. My favorite shade of lipstick ever is Face Atelier’s deep burgundy called “Revenge.” One  of my go to colors for personal use as well as in my kit. It’s creamy, easy to use, and long lasting.

Face Atelier Revenge

Don’t let the idea of a dark lip scare you, let it intrigue you. I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Blur’s monthly promotion for February is with every $30 you spend on lip products, you receive 2 natural sets of Stilazzi lashes for free!!

Happy February. <3

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Covering Tattoo’s for Makeup Artists

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We’re counting down the days until our workshops start with Thom Suprenant.

And the one I’m most excited for is definitely his Covering Tattoo’s Workshop. While I don’t consider myself a special fx artist, I had to turn down not one, but THREE brides this summer because I wasn’t able to confidently offer them tattoo coverage as a service. I mean I can do it… but on the most important day of their life while wearing a white dress…. I wasn’t confident enough in my skill set.

I spoke with Alabama makeup artist, Bobbie Leigh, a former student of Thomas, about her experience learning from him and using his paints to cover tattoo’s. Crediting Thom and his product line with her success she said, “The products really make temporarily erasing a tattoo so easy… It looks and feels like their skin! She was able to have the dress she wanted without the fear of the makeup coming off even after all the hugs and best wishes!”

And while she had a lot of great things to say, I think it was the images she passed on that spoke volumes.


cover brides tattoos bride tattoo cover




As tattoo’s become more and more commonplace, so too does the need for makeup artists to learn how to cover them. Whether an add on service for brides or working with models and actresses, knowing how to confidently (and quickly!) cover tattoo’s is becoming an expectation for makeup artists. Particularly in smaller markets where seeing tattoo’s isn’t as common.

Thomas will be joining us on Sunday November 10th at IMATS Toronto to do a live demonstration on covering tattoo’s. Then on November 13th he’ll be holding a 4hr workshop in downtown Toronto.

If you’d like to join us for the workshop, you can sign up online, at the store, or even during IMATS this weekend!

Here are the details!

Covering Tattoo’s - 4hrs

Wednesday November 13th 2pm – 6pm OR
Sunday November 17th 2pm – 6pm

As tattoo’s become increasingly common among the general population, so to does the need for makeup artists to cover them. This course will focus on long lasting and effective coverage for both film and television and bridal.

** Students will work hands on, along side Thom while practicing on in-class models to cover their tattoos.

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Special FX Workshops in November

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With a resume that reads like the best of fx films, this powerhouse is not just a makeup artist but also created an incredible line of special fx products. From Donnie Darko to X-Men to Star Trek, Thomas is behind some of the most incredible special fx work in film and will be in Toronto to share his knowledge with our customers.

While at IMATS, Thomas will be doing a different demo each day. On Saturday you can stop by the Blur booth to see Thomas recreate his unbelievable Muscle Man body paint. And on Sunday he’ll be doing a full body tattoo covering.




The following week he’ll be holding four different workshops at 313 Queen St. West (at a larger space just underneath Blur!) and we hope to see you there.


1. Colour Theory and the Science of Colour – 4hrs

Wednesday November 13th 9am – 1pm OR  Sunday November 17th 9am – 1pm


From foundation matching to creating dynamic shadow palettes, the art of makeup is built on the knowledge of colour. This workshop dissects the science of colour through the understanding of the colour spectrum, pigment and advanced colour mixing.

Examining how we perceive colour through light refraction, this four hour class is essential for artists at any stage in their career working in film, television, fashion, commercial or bridal work.

Students will be provided with cream colours, mixing palettes and a spatula.




2. Covering Tattoo’s – 4hrs

Wednesday November 13th 2pm – 6pm OR Sunday November 17th 2pm – 6pm


As tattoo’s become increasingly common among the general population, so to does the need for makeup artists to cover them. This course will focus on long lasting and effective coverage for both film and television and bridal.

Students will work hands on, along side Thom while practicing on in-class models to cover their tattoos.


3. Out of Kit Character FX – 8hrs

Tuesday November 12th, 9am – 6pm OR  Thursday November 14th, 9am – 6pm


A basic FX course with tips and tricks on how to pull off effective causality makeup, focusing on products that are a must have and the dual uses of what you may already have.

Learn to recreate accurate medical and forensic FX makeups for film, television and events while working hands on alongside class mates. Students will be provided with reel creations palettes, sponges and cream colours. Students should bring their own brushes.




4. Bald Cap Application & Fabrication Class – 16hrs

Friday November 15th AND Saturday November 16th, 9am – 6pm


This master class goes through the intricacies of not just applying a perfect bald cap but how to make one. Students will learn how to create, paint, blend and apply a camera ready bald cap with an occipital piece for movie quality realism.

Students will receive all items needed to create bald caps but should bring their own FX brushes.





Do you want to know more about Thom? Check out his IMDB or Facebook Page.

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Year Round Sun Protection with TiZO

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Anyone who has acne prone or sensitive skin will understand, sunscreens are typically greasy and bring on breakouts. For that reason, I stayed away from Tizo when I first started working at Blur. In fact, I’ve been steering clear of a lot of sunscreens and blocks  for years because of skins sensitivity.

Then Blur handed me the challenge of changing my mind about SPF and sent me home with water resistant TiZO 3 and tinted TiZO 2.


Year Round Suncreen TiZO


Here’s the skinny on sun protection; there are two categories, chemical absorbers and physical blocks. The former works by absorbing the UV rays to prevent damage. While efficient, these chemicals are water and oil soluble, which is of course produced by our own skin! This limits their ability to be continuously effective and therefore require frequent reapplication.

TiZO is all about the latter – physical blocks. Physical blocks are naturally occuring of manmade that stay on the surface of your skin to scatter and refract the suns UV rays. They have the added benefit of also blocking environmental factors like wind and all the grimey stuff in the wind.


Tinted SPF BB Cream


For the testing phase of my TiZO adventure, I wore the tinted formula for a couple of days and the water resistant for a couple of days. The first thing I noticed was the texture; it is not sticky or slippery like other sunscreens. In fact, it’s much closer to a high quality priming gel.

The super soft finish is also matte. My makeup looked great over top of it and helped keep it fresh and smooth throughout the days with minimal touch ups. For those with clearer skin, the tinted formula is a great alternative to a traditional BB cream.

As the winter nears, a lot of people will stop using sunscreen but TiZO should be considered year round. The sun still shines when it’s cold out and the glare from the sun hitting a coating of snow is equally damaging. I’ll spare you the diatribe – you know that sun causes a ton of skin damage.

I’m a total convert. It is possible to have a positive makeup and skin friendly relationship with sunscreen. I’m happy to add this product to my kit knowing that it doubles as a primer while protecting my clients skin.








Makeup Artist Michelle Silverstein

Michelle Silverstein

A makeup fanatic from a young age, Michelle began following her dream of a career in makeup in 2012. In that time she’s already acquired the title of Lead Makeup Artist for a Toronto print publication, and at this years TIFF premiered her first film as Key Makeup Artist. At this point in her career, she is excitedly figuring out what’s next and still exploring the many facets of the world of makeup.


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Introducing Our Newest Friend…

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Happy Monday everyone!

We wanted to kick the week off by introducing you to our newest friend, Samy!

Samy Logo

Samy is a mobile deal app, created in Switzerland, that alerts shoppers to deals nearby through their phones’ GPS. They’ve just started connecting to brands in Canada after success in Europe and the United States and we are so excited to be one of their first Canadian clients.

Every two weeks, we’ll have a new product featured at a savings greater than the standard artist discount, available to anyone with the app. All you have to do to redeem the discount is download the app (don’t worry – it’s free!), add Blur Makeup Room to ‘My Samy’ and when you get to the register at Blur, log into Samy and redeem the offer.

Easy, non?

To kick off our partnership with Samy, we’re featuring one of favourite products (that EVERYONE needs to try. Right now!), Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. We’ll be offering the smaller, 30ml tube for $5 off. So instead of $16, you can pick it up for $11.




Hope to see you in the store soon with you phone out and your app downloaded!

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