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PRO Discount Program

Want makeup with benefits? Apply for our PRO or student discounts!

To get started, all you need to do is:

Create an account with us.

After you've created an account, apply for the discount below.

Follow the steps outlined, fill in the form and attach the required documents applicable to your profession. If you are approved, we will provide you with a unique discount code.

Beauty institutions, theatres, and makeup studio’s can also apply for discounts on supplies/kits. 

PRO Discount for Makeup & Hair Artists

Makeup & hair artistry must be your main source of income to be eligible for the PRO discount, which is applicable on makeup and hair products and tools.

Eligible documents for full-time makeup/hair discount:

  • One call sheet with photo ID (within the last 3 months) OR
  • Three invoices for makeup services with photo ID (within the last 3 months) OR
  • One  editorial credit with photo ID (within the last 3 months) OR
  • One union membership card with photo ID (of the current year) OR
  • One  professional reference letter with photo ID (within the last 3 months)

*you are only required to submit ONE document from the above list


PRO Discount for Hairstylists

Hair artistry must be your main source of income in order to be eligible for our hair PRO discount, which is only applicable on hair styling products and tools.

Eligible document for hairstylist discount:

  • hair license with photo ID for verification 


STUDENT Discounts

You must be currently enrolled in or completed your diploma in cosmetics, aesthetics and or hair school within 12 months of application in order to be eligible for our student discount.

Discount is only applicable on products within your field of study.
For example, if you are/were enrolled in hair school, your student discount will only apply to hair styling products and tools. 

Eligible documents for students:

  • Cosmetics certificate/diploma with photo ID 
  • Aesthetics certificate/diploma with photo ID 
  • Proof of confirmation of enrollment with photo ID


My Discount Code Stopped Working

There are maybe two reasons why your PRO discount may not be working:

1. Your code has expired and needs to be renewed. Follow the link to renew yours.

2. You are logged into the wrong account. Your code will only work with the email you applied for your PRO discount with.



Our PRO discount must be renewed on an annual basis. All discount codes will be valid for 1 year from the date of your application approval. Applications will not be processed if the email in this application does not match the existing account or if the incorrect documents have been uploaded.

Policies are subject to change without notice.