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Reel Creations

REEL Creations Palettes


COLOR WHEEL PALETTE is a paint box with all the REEL spectrum colors including aged tattoo linear and red neutralizer.  You can make virtually any color either fleshtones or vivid spectrum colors.

COVER-UP/EFFECTS PALETTE is the most versatile palette in the REEL Palette collection. You can create bruises, black eyes, cuts, etc. and also you can cover-up tattoos, bruises, scars, etc. with the fleshtone colors.

FLESHTONE PALETTE is basically your lighter fleshtone for cover-up of scars, tattoos, bruises, etc.

FLESHTONE PALETTE (Dark) is created for the darker skin tones.  To be used the same way as the regular FLESTONE PALETTE.

GREG CANNOM has developed make-up colors to represent the colors he uses and is famous for in his 'old age' make-ups. You remember the character 'Rose' in the movie 'Titanic'? Well, these colors are now a standard item made exclusively for REEL CREATIONS.

SHADES FROM THE CRYPT creates ghouls, monsters and other morbid effects. Included in the palette are new colors 'dead', 'blood' and 'vein'. All colors in this palette are also available in the REEL Body Art Inks.

HOT SHIMMERS PALETTE contains the spectrum colors in metallics.

POSTMORTEM/INFECTED/DEAD DENTAL PALETTES were custom designed by Toby Sells, for the artist who needs a full range of long lasting colors "off" colors, to create ghoulish, and death effects for zombies, creatures, and other creation.