Bdellium SFX Series Brushes

SFX 110 Splatter
Designed to perfectly create a spray and/or splatter of color to emulate the natural look of skin. This brush is also great for carefully brushing in hair whiteners and streaks in mustaches.

SFX 122 Bent Glue
The angle on this brush simplifies the application of glue in all those hard to reach areas. Applying glue under the brow or shelf of the jawline has never been easier.

SFX 128 Bent Liner
The bent angle on this brush helps to get into areas that a straight angle brush would be difficult to use.  It also doubles as a prosthetic adhesive brush.

SFX 134 Medium Dagger
This is an ideal brush for creating a sharp, hard line and blending all in one and also great for contouring in beauty makeup.

SFX 136 Filbert
The Filbert brush has a rounded shape perfect for applying and blending makeup. It also can be used for smoothing lines that are sculpted in clay or wax.

SFX 153 Capillary
This brush is designed for small, capillary detailing and fine line work, such as painting theatrical tattoos.

SFX 156 Veining
Bring your creation to life. Create the most realistic veins for any facet of FX makeup using this veining brush.

SFX 167 Finger
This brush is designed to have the feel of a human finger, useful for smoothing and blending clay sculptures where it is difficult to reach.  

SFX 175 FX10
This filbert, rounded brush has strategic cuts in it for adding texture to the makeup you apply.

SFX 179 Muscle
Creatively angled and textured for painting multiple lines in unison. Perfect for striations in muscles and many other organic patterning.

SFX 184 Water Color
This traditional water color style brush works fantastically with water-based or alcohol-activated makeups.

SFX 193 Small Stippling
This brush is perfect for creating a stipple effect and pointillist painting.

SFX 195 Large Stippling
This brush is an exceptionally textured stippling brush for large areas of coverage and is helpful when painting bald caps and prosthetics that cover the body.

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Bdellium SFX Series Brushes
Bdellium SFX Series Brushes
SFX 116 Short Liner
SFX 118 Tattoo Liner
SFX 123 Large Bent Glue
SFX 125 Square Glue
SFX 133 Small Dagger
SFX 135 Large Dagger
SFX 138 Large Fiber
SFX 157 Large Veining
SFX 167 Finger
SFX 173 Stomper
SFX 177 Inverted Streak
SFX 191 Precision Stippling

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