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Bdellium Tools Studio 14pc Brush Set

The Collection 14 Piece Brush Set brings together the ultimate line-up of brushes. This set is artist-inspired to help you complete a full everyday look from your brows, to your lips, and all that is in between. Our Studio Line has a Basic set, an Eyes Set, a Mineral Set, and not to mention the full 24-piece Luxury Set. We wanted to create a brand new set that combined a lot of aspects from the Eyes and Mineral Sets, but at the same time be a happy medium between the Basic and Luxury Sets. Artists and Consumers are always looking for that balance when building their own set, and what would be better a find than The Collection? We combined a lot of the newly released brushes from 2014 along with some of our most popular Studio brushes. Perfect basic brush set for flawless makeup application. Included is a roll-up makeup train storage pouch, which approximately measures 21 x 9.5 inches (54 x 24 cm) excluding the flap, to protect and carry the brushes in this set. It has 20 pockets of varying width to accommodate a wide range of contents with 4 side pockets to hold small or loose items in place. 


#785S Tapered Blending
#780S Pencil
#778S Large Shadow
#776S Blending
#772S Small Shader
#766S Angled Shadow
#763S Angled Brow
#760S Liner/Brow
#755S Smudge
#733S Lash
#714S Flat Eye Definer
#710S Eye Liner