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Face Atelier

Face Atelier Brash (clear mascara/brow gel)


an innovative three-step program for lash perfection

Step 1 (Click here to go to Lash RX)
Lash RX is genuine therapy for your lashes.  A unique combination of vitamins and anti-oxidants, creamy Lash RX repairs as it strengthens.  Use day or night to condition and hydrate lashes.   A layer under mascara protects while it elongates and builds lashes.   Fiber and flake free.

Step 2 (Click here to go to Mascara)
Sculpt Mascara subtlely builds and lengthens for feathery, sleek lashes without spiking or clumping.  Fiber free with a touch of silicone for a splash-proof finish.   Vitamins C and E, together with conditioning agents, makes Sculpt Mascara the choice for healthy lashes.  Available in midnight and coffee.

With Crybaby Mascara you can cry when you want to without ruining your makeup or your beautiful, natural-looking lashes.   Crybaby coats each lash with a glistening, waterproof tube that won’t smudge, flake, or run - come rain or come shine.   Crybaby glides easily onto your lash and only comes off when you want it to!   Available in black.

You don’t need to be a diva to appreciate Drama Queen Mascara!  Its jet black, glistening finish effortlessly gives you that false lash look, only better.  The innovative splash-proof and fibre-free formula separates, volumizes, curls and lengthens without clumping.   Drama Queen Mascara does it all - builds, volumizes, lengthens, curls and separates while creating a naturally soft lash.  Easy to remove, without losing a single lash.   Available in jet black.

Step 3
Brash is a clear vitamin-fortified gel that does double duty as a clear mascara and brow gel that will tame the most unruly brows.   Conditions and fortifies without flaking.