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Reel Creations

REEL Creations Blood

REEL BLOOD is the product that started REEL CREATIONS,Inc. REEL BLOOD is the most realistic, most photographed, most popular artificial blood in the entertainment industry. REEL BLOOD Original Formula is the most frequently used.


REEL BLOOD Aged Formula is the brownish color of blood exposed to the air and starting to dry. 

REEL THICK BLOOD is a jam/jell type blood for you the artist to create a 3 demensional effect. The colors speak for themselves. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!



WARNING: Not to be ingested. Use of REEL Aged Blood in the mouth is OK provided it is spit out and the mouth rinsed with water.  Do not use in eyes or any other open orifices of the body.  Not for body contact recirculation systems (i.e. showers) - bacteria contamination will occur. Once used, discard.