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Face Atelier Skin Perfect Colour Corrector


A perfectly toned and youthful complexion is just a few drops away with FACE atelier’s triple threat Skin Perfect Colour Correctors. The cutting-edge silicone and water formula effortlessly perfects your skin tone, camouflaging imperfections that include redness, sallowness, dark circles and discoloration. At the same time, it hydrates your skin while blurring imperfections. The advanced optical blurring pigments reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while the easy-to-use formula ensures the seamless, neutralized base is simple to cover with your foundation and concealer.

NO PRIMER NEEDED! Priming functions are built into the formula, including creating the perfect surface so that your foundation and concealer grip the skin, guaranteeing they won’t shift or slide and last longer. Bonus - you use less product and your skin looks natural, younger and renewed all day long.

FACE atelier Skin Perfect Colour Correctors are the only product you need to correct, neutralize and prime your skin, so you’re free to use with your fave foundation and concealer. 

Skin Perfect Colour Correctors Play List
» GREEN Skin Perfect Colour Corrector to cancel redness, including ruddiness, rosacea and broken capillaries. It works on a wide range of skin tones, from porcelain to deep tan.
» PURPLE Skin Perfect Colour Corrector neutralizes yellow/orange sallowness on light to deep tan skin tones and brightens fair to medium skin tones.
» YELLOW Skin Perfect Colour Corrector cancels purple and brightens medium to deep tan skin tones. It also neutralizes minor redness on fair to medium skin tones.
» NEUTRAL Skin Perfect Colour Corrector is a universal shade that balances all skin tones while smoothing your skin’s appearance, delivering the perfect canvas to apply makeup.