Graftobian Special FX Powders

Black Soot Powder - A skin safe specialty powder for all kinds of realistic burn F/X, charring and black grease effects and even chimney sweep effects.  Mix and apply with fingers, sponge, or brush.  Test clothing before use.

Ash Dust - Similar to Fuller's Earth, this light powder is pale and dusty looking.  It's ideal to subtly distress the face, skin and costuming. Apply with fingers, sponge or brush.  Test clothing before use.

Texas Dust - A special effects powder that simulates and acts like real dirt without the red overtones.  Smudge with fingers or sponge, or dust on with powder brush to face, body, and costumes.  Test clothing before use.

F/X Blood Powder - Simulated blood powder that is highly concentrated and ideal for use in situations that call for large quantities of splash blood (in a casualty scene, on a vehicle, on the ground, on people, etc.) Can be mixed with water, corn syrup, mixing liquid or anything you can dissolve it in.  Test clothing before use.

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Graftobian Special FX Powders

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