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Green Room Beauty Tools

GRBT Vegan C-Shampoo 3oz

  • C-Shampoo is an all organic active charcoal infused brush shampoo. safe for use on the face and kids.

    Specifically designed to clean and condition your makeup brush, the activated charcoal purifies and tea tree acts as an additional anti bacterial agent. Fully hand crafted and balanced recipe ensures brushes are cleansed deeply and properly conditioned without any left over residue. 

    » Purifies and Conditions
    » Restores and Protects
    » Easy To Use
    » Organic
    » Hand Made In Canada
    » Works with all hair types
  • Ingredients: Organic Plant Oils (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil - Ethically sourced under RSPO), Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Activated Charcoal, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil.
  • Instructions:
    1. Wet your brushes in warm water.
    2. Work the wet brush back and forth on the solid shampoo until it lathers
    3. Gently work the brush through with your finger tips, palms of your hands, or a brush cleaning mat, then rinse thoroughly as you see the makeup lift away from the brush bristles.
    3. Press out excess water in a paper towel, shake out to fluff and shape brush hair, leave brush to dry flat on its side.

*Brushes not included