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Gleam by Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills Body Radiance

Why glow when you can GLEAM? Sexy Skin in an Instant! 


What is Gleam Body Radiance and why does everyone want it? 

Gleam Body Radiance is a revolutionary all in one Makeup, Moisturizer & Glow for body and face!
The best Body Makeup & Leg Makeup on the market: 
      * Blurs imperfections and referred to as liquid pantyhose
      * Body Glow, Body Shimmer, Body Bronzer 
Stunning and safe for the Face:
      * Illuminating Primer.
      *  Create a buildable highlight or sunkissed tint
      *  Mix with liquid foundation or skincare product for an all-over glow
Lighter shades are perfect for glow and POP! Darker shades are perfect for contour and bronzing
Transfer resistant, won't get all over the place or stain - suggested use - Do not mix with other lotions or oils when using on the body. Skin textures may affect the ability for the makeup to fully set and transfer may occur. Wash with simple soap and water. 
For extra lock pair with our Gleam Body Sealing Spray
6 multicultural shades.
       *Any skin tone can use each shade for different end results, check out our shade videos below.
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