MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Matte)

Reveal your inner artist and create your color mix with Artist Color Shadow. Choose your palette size and then customize to your needs by mixing and matching your favorite shades. Our artist-grade atomized formula is loaded with pigment for high impact color in a single swipe. Its smooth, buttery texture allows for superior blendability, and silicon coated pigments allow for it to stay put for unrivaled 12-hour wear. With a range of 121 shades available in an array of finishes (matte, satin, iridescent, metallic and diamond), the ultrafine powders may be layered and mixed to create an infinite number of looks. Pro tip: build your ideal shade mix and customize your look with our custom refillable palettes.

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MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Matte)
MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Matte)
Matte-100 Black
Matte-106 Slate
Matte-208 Baby Blue
Matte-126 Chalk
Matte-214 Ultramarine Blue
Matte-226 Abyssal Blue
Matte-240 Prussian Blue
Matte-234 Azure Blue
Matte-322 Khaki
Matte-402 Mimosa
Matte-405 Straw Yellow
Matte-500 Ivory
Matte-510 Vanilla
Matte-518 Nude
Matte-530 Eggshell
Matte-532 Sugar Coated Candy
Matte-535 Oat
Matte-536 Milk Tea
Matte-540 Gray Beige
Matte-546 Dark Purple Taupe
Matte-549 Dark Taupe
Matte-600 Pink Brown
Matte-603 Cinnamon
Matte-608 Red Brown
Matte-619 Espresso
Matte-631 Cappuccino
Matte-647 Speculoos
Matte-650 Cookie
Matte-705 Canyon
Matte-720 Apricot
Matte-732 Orange
Matte-738 Auburn
Matte-742 Tomato
Matte-748 Coral
Matte-806 Antique Pink
Matte-820 Dark Purple Pink
Matte-842 Wine
Matte-847 Burgundy
Matte-853 Neon Pink
Matte-856 Fresh Pink
Matte-860 Powdery Pink
Matte-924 Purple
Matte-928 Eggplant

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