MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Non-Matte)

Reveal your inner artist and create your color mix with Artist Color Shadow. Choose your palette size and then customize to your needs by mixing and matching your favorite shades. Our artist-grade atomized formula is loaded with pigment for high impact color in a single swipe. Its smooth, buttery texture allows for superior blendability, and silicon coated pigments allow for it to stay put for unrivaled 12-hour wear. With a range of 121 shades available in an array of finishes (matte, satin, iridescent, metallic and diamond), the ultrafine powders may be layered and mixed to create an infinite number of looks. Pro tip: build your ideal shade mix and customize your look with our custom refillable palettes.

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MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Non-Matte)
MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Non-Matte)
Satin-228 Petrol Blue
Satin-238 Blue Cedar
Satin-300 Pine Green
Satin-312 Mint Green
Satin-314 Nile Green
Satin-324 Bronze Khaki
Satin-516 Sand
Satin-542 Pinky Clay
Satin-560 Taupe
Satin-606 Pinky Earth
Satin-616 Chocolate
Satin-622 Black Brown
Satin-628 Reptile
Satin-632 Hazelnut
Satin-814 Light Rosewood
Satin-864 Baby Pink
Iridescent-102 Onyx
Iridescent-210 Light Turquoise
Iridescent-220 Sapphire
Iridescent-328 Bronze
Iridescent-340 Lime Green
Iridescent-414 Yellow Ivory
Iridescent-514 Pink Ivory
Iridescent-520 Pinky Sand
Iridescent-524 Pinky Beige
Iridescent-528 Pearl
Iridescent-538 Pearly Gray Beige
Iridescent-544 Pink Granite
Iridescent-648 Golden Fawn
Iridescent-662 Amber Brown
Iridescent-702 Mahogany
Iridescent-722 Mandarin
Iridescent-746 Watermelon
Iridescent-808 English Pink
Iridescent-834 Grape
Iridescent-918 Lavender
Metallic-108 Steel
Metallic-116 Silver
Metallic-122 Snow
Metallic-202 Iceberg Blue
Metallic-216 Electric Blue
Metallic-224 Navy Blue
Metallic-230 Peacock Blue
MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Non-Matte)
MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Non-Matte)
Metallic-302 Peacock
Metallic-304 Emerald
Metallic-310 Fir Tree Green
Metallic-338 Acidic Green
Metallic-400 Buttercup
Metallic-512 Golden Beige
Metallic-554 Gunmetal
Metallic-612 Silver Brown
Metallic-614 Graphite Brown
Metallic-624 Black Gold
Metallic-644 Iced Brown
Metallic-654 Cauldron
Metallic-728 Copper Red
Metallic-734 Tangerine
Metallic-828 Garnet Black
Metallic-840 Pink Chrome
Metallic-912 Orchid
Metallic-930 Black Purple
Diamond-104 Black Diamond
Diamond-206 Celestial Blue
Diamond-222 Night Blue
Diamond-236 Lagoon Blue
Diamond-306 Bottle Green
Diamond-308 Aquatic Khaki
Diamond-320 Golden Khaki
Diamond-326 Black Bronze
Diamond-410 Gold Nugget
Diamond-504 Celestial Beige
MUFE Artist Color Shadow Refill (Non-Matte)
Diamond-562 Taupe Platinum
Diamond-652 Celestial Earth
Diamond-712 Crème Brûlée
Diamond-716 Crystalline Papaya
Diamond-750 Frosted Peach
Diamond-826 Fig
Diamond-830 Black Rose
Diamond-926 Blueberry

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