MUFE Color Stick Face & Body colour grease paint

Color stick is a colour grease paint which offers highly pigmented and long lasting shades that can be applied on face and body with a semi-matte finish. Either transparent or very intense makeup effects can be obtained. Colours can be blended together or with other creamy textures to develop tailor-made shades. The Color Stick creamy texture does not dry, allowing colour gradation and unique mixes.

• Fix Color Stick with Ultra HD Loose Powder.
• To play with colours, add powder eye shadows over Color Stick. Use the same shades to intensify the finish, or choose completely different colours to transform the look.
• To play with finishes, mix Color Stick with Castor Oil to create a glossy effect or mix with Star Lit Powder for a luminous shine.

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MUFE Color Stick Face & Body colour grease paint
MUFE Color Stick Face & Body colour grease paint
M100 Black
M102 Grey
M104 Livid
ME106 Silver
M110 White
M200 Ultramarine Blue
M202 Dark Blue
M204 Turquoise
M300 Dark Green
M302 Leaf Green
M304 Pistachio
M306 Kaki
M400 Yellow
ME402 Gold
M500 Ivory
M502 Sienna
M504 Pink Brown
M506 Rosewood
R540 Dark brown
M602 Brown
M700 Rusty Brown
M702 Carmin
M704 Red
M706 Orange
M708 Coral
ME710 Copper
M800 Powder Pink
M802 Fresh Pink
M804 Fushia
M900 Purple
M902 Purple Grey
M904 Purple

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