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Reel Creations

REEL Creations Palette Solid Refills (pre-order)


Individual solid refill color guide from each Reel Creations Palette:

Grime & Weathered
Soot, Sunburnt No. 2, Dust, Black No. 1, Blue Shader, Weathered, Deep Shadow, Sunburnt No. 1, Dark Brown Toner.

Shades From the Crypt
Oliver Toner, Grey, Mocha, Purple, Blood Red, Red Neutralizer, Vein, Avacado Toner, Black No. 1, Dead

Post Mortem
Liver Mortis, Cutaneous, Dead Blood, Aged Vein, Primer Grey, Envy, After Life, Black, Dust to Dust, Postmortem

Infected Base No. 2, Dark Body Fluid, Broken Capillary, Infected Blood, Infected Base No. 1, Vein Undertone, Inflamed Derma, Jaudice Toner, Mean Gangrene, Vein Tone.

Reel Basics
Red No. 2, Blue No. 4, Black No. 1, Yellow No. 3, Light Toner, Blue Neutralizer, Deep Red No. 7, Red Neutralizer, Avacado Toner, Aged Tattoo Linear.

Reel Fleshtone
Fleshtone M/L, Light Toner, Lite Olive, Flame, Olive Toner, Brown Toner, Red Neutralizer, Brown No. 5, Black No. 1, White No. 8.

Reel Fleshtone Dark
Tan Tone, Milk Chocolate, Asian, Red Neutralizer, Chocolate, Brick, Blue TOner, Desert Sand, Coffee, Mocha

Coverup / Effects

Brown Toner, Deep Red No. 7, Blue No. 4, Red Neutralizer, Avacado Toner, Yellow No. 3, Blue Neutralizer, Lite Toner, Red No. 2.

Hot Shimmers
Ultra Violet, Ceili Red, Brilliant Gold, Cleo Orchid, Cleo Red, Ceili Green, Cleo Blue, Flame Red, Jade Green, Cleo Green, Cleo Gold.

Highlighter / Metallic
Silver Pearl, Monarch Gold, Copper, Brilliant Gold, Russet, Regal Gold, Silver Grey, Bronze, Silver.


Hair & Brow FX
Mocha, Green White, Olive Brown, Olive Blue, Ash Blonde, Pink White, Grey, Yellow White, Silver Pearl, Olive.

Hair Palette - Lite
Red Neutralizer, Lite Toner, Yellow No. 3, White No. 8.

Hair Palette - Dark
Dark Brown Toner, Brown No. 5, Black No. 1, Brown Toner.