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TML Floor Stand

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he Floor Stand is a highly stable, easily adjustable mounting option designed for those working over horizontal surfaces such as a table, bed, or reclined chair.

NOTE: The Gooseneck that accompanies this Floor Stand is not compatible with other TML mounting options. The threads are incompatible.

The Floor Stand is built up from a hefty stable base with a variable-height post supporting a 23 inch (58 cm) adjustable gooseneck which is attached via a 360-degree rotating adapter. The gooseneck offers optimum reach for comfortable positioning of a mounted light panel over your client and work area. The weight of the floor stand is substantial enough to support TML’s LED light panels with confidence.

Designed with The Makeup Light’s Eyelight LED panel in mind, the Floor Stand can also be used with the Key Light.

Floor Stand Details:
-Durable Stainless Steel
-Variable post height (to base of Gooseneck): min. 34 in.(86 cm) max. 61 in.(150 cm)
-Substantial Base Weight of 16.5 lb (3.6 kg)
-360-degree rotating Gooseneck Adapter
-23 inch (58 cm) adjustable Gooseneck