TML Key Light Gel Pack (Pre-order)

This set of gels will quickly modify the color temperature of your Key Light. The gels are ready-made to attach to the key light with velcro tabs, and are stored with the included zipper-pouch. 

An additional set of velcro tabs are included should you wish to layer the gels for extra effect.

The Key Light is daylight color temperature-balanced to meet the needs of most lighting situations. There are, however, occasions when the makeup will be seen, filmed, or photographed in non-daylight environments / conditions / situations.

The gels can be used in different combinations for other purposes and special effects.  A practical example would be combining the 1/4 C.T.O. and Straw gels for a very warm key light light output that would be close to candle-light.

Gels included:
1/4 C.T.O. (Color Temperature Orange)
1/4 C.T.B. (Color Temperature Blue)
Neutral Density 3
Primary Red

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