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The Makeup Light

TML Key Light Articulated Arm


The Articulating Arm by TML

With nearly zero “footprint” this extremely adjustable arm will allow use of the Key Light in ways, until now, difficult to achieve.  The articulating arm gives you the ability to place the key light over virtually any type of table and have considerable height, reach, and full 360 degree motion to choose where you shine the light.

With the included adjustable mounting bracket, any connectable heavy object can be a counter-balance for the articulating arm.  This is especially helpful in places where a light stand wouldn't be practical.  For example, chairs, carts, railings, bed frames, shelving, etc…

The articulating arm is the perfect key light accessory for those doing: brows, lashes, microblading, manicures, pedicures, tattooing, sculpting… and of course, makeup and hair!

*The “panel mount” is adjustable and can hold many other flat objects like smart phones, iPads, tablets, etc…

NOTE: While the Articulating Arm has been tested for use with the 1st generation Key Light “1.0”, we cannot recommend that it be used with that model Key Light.  Please contact TML Headquarters with any questions or for further information.